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Two of the most important tools in battle, magic and might – in the realm of Fire Emblem is no exception. There is a third tool that is very useful, but it is only for hot girls with big bosoms. It’s the need to please big hard-cocks in a variety of ways. The one who can utilize it will be able to get what she wants. Tharja would need to practice her skills before she can finally attain this.

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Komaka Sugizu Tsutawarudearou Erodonin Senshuken

The usual day in the world of “Fire Emblem” begins with Tharja thinking out some new spell or new curse and today is not an exception. Yet at the very same time today’s curse is going to be something quite special – so special that Tharja can’t wait to try it and she is even ready to use non other than Noire to test it! So as you can understand this is something really personal and we would even say ‘private’ this time…

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EroKosu Vol.27

A beautiful, well-shaped body with amazing curves is covered by a bodysuit made of fishnet. It’s no wonder that Tharja the dark mage from “Fire Emblem”, is her new love interest! It’s likely to be quite a number of these pages to come to be sure… Plus, you can always find more of Tharja on our site!

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Favorite Emblem Characters

The group consists of three busty ladies. Each will have its own tale, which you will see in the porn comic. The comic will reveal how girls are caught in a sexy relationship with one another as well as flirt with strangers. Or get into piquant situations. Of course, you will see these ladies as heroines of your favorite Manga. You’d like to find out the secret and find out what adventures await these gorgeous girls. Let’s begin looking at the comic now.

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